2021-22 Course Clients


NewSpace Entrepreneurship Course

Learn about space from industry professionals and project work for NewSpace companies


Outside of Traditional Lectures, Learn Through

HBS Case Studies

Develop critical thinking and verbal leadership skills through NewSpace case studies. 

Industry Guest Speakers

Learn about different aspects and issues of the NewSpace Economy from the perspective of professionals in the field.

Career Development Workshops

Network and get advice about career placement and internship opportunities in the NewSpace Economy from company recruiters.

Startup Projects

Engage in the NewSpace industry by working with startups as fellows to solve technical or commercial problems throughout the course of the semester.

Company Mentors

Tanya Harrison.jpg
Tanya Harrison
Planet, Director of Science Strategy
kenji ozawa.jpg
Kenji Ozawa
Planet, Product Design Lead
Kelsey Brennan.jpeg
Kelsey Brennan
Planet, Product Design Lead
Marcos Franceschini
Skyloom, Co-founder & CEO
 Megan Wenrich.jpg
Megan Wenrich
Space Foundation, Manager DC Operations

Some of Our Course Speakers

Robert Jacobson.jpeg
Robert Jacobson
Space Advisors LLC, Founder & Partner
dan piemont.jpg
Dan Piemont
ABL Space Systems, Founder + President + CFO
Chad Anderson.png
Chad Anderson
Space Capital, Managing Partner
Rick Tumlinson.jpg
Rick Tumlinson
Co-Founder of Several Space Companies, Investor, & Space Visionary
Felipe Cuellar
Aaron Davis

4th year MechE major

CEO MARSengines
company project partner 2020

"Through this DeCal I got the chance to take one of the coolest classes I'd ever taken at Berkeley. The classes were insightful and engaging, the speakers diverse and goal-oriented, and the project leaders determined and helpful. If Space is a dream of yours, don't pass this class up!"

"This course is a unique opportunity to interface and influence the future of Aerospace. I had a really good time and I recommend participating if you have the time and inclination."


Don't just take our word for it - read our testimonials from last year's students and course partners


Where will this class take place?

The class will take place virtually on Zoom. Additionally, once students are enrolled in the class, they will be sent an invite link to the class's Slack page where communication will take place.

Is this class asynchronous or synchronous?

Class lectures will be synchronous.

Who can apply for this class?

Any undergraduate student can apply for this class! There is no requirement on certain grade levels or specific majors, although students who have previous background or knowledge in engineering and business will have an easier time working on projects. As long as you are willing to work hard, you will be completely fine!

Will certain students be given preference for the class?

First and foremost, the course team will consider an applicant's commitment to the course and enthusiasm for the course material! However, juniors and seniors may be given slight preference.

Can this class be taken for a letter grade?

No, this class can only be taken for pass/no pass.

How many absences are permitted in this class per semester?

2 absences are allowed for this class. Any more will result in a student failing.

Course FAQs

Have any questions?

You can ask us any questions using the email address below.

Our application is not meant to measure your experience, only your passion for learning about the space industry. We accept people from all majors and backgrounds. If you're worried at all about whether you're qualified, send us an email and a member of our team will be happy to chat with you.