Meet The Leadership Team

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Aneesh Goel

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Hi! I'm a third year economics major here at Berkeley. After starting and teaching the NewSpace class at university in my second year, I founded NewSpace@Berkeley with Sam to help bring the space industry to campus. I love the space industry for the people in it. I feel like NewSpace truly is about benefitting humanity and there is a space for anyone interested. 


Sam Phillips

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Hello! I'm a third year Mechanical engineering major at Berkeley. I worked as a project manager under Aneesh in the NewSpace class last year, and founded NewSpace@Berkeley with him to continue helping other students learn about the space industry. I love space tech, and am also president of Berkeley's rocketry team, Space Technologies and Rocketry. 

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Victoria Elfend

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Hello! I'm a third year at Berkeley studying Political Science with a focus on international relations. I took the NewSpace Entrepreneurship class last year and loved learning about the NewSpace economy and working with Daniel Faber at OrbitFab. The space industry is where my passion lies, and I want to use NewSpace@Berkeley to inspire other non-technical students to pursue a career in this expanding industry!

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Tristan Schwab

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I'm a 3rd year mechanical engineering student pursuing a career in In-Space Manufacturing and Resource Utilization. I work as an undergraduate additive manufacturing researcher on campus, where my focus is on a project called SPACECAL: a volumetric 3D printer for microgravity. In my spare time, you'll usually find me in Santa Cruz on my mountain bike. I'm excited to be one of the lead organizers for the NewSpace non-profit arm, and being a member of the growing newspace community on the Cal Campus!