NewSpace Speaker Series

We want to show students at Berkeley all the exciting innovation happening in the space industry right now, and the best way to do that is to bring those innovators to our campus! 


Past Events 


Sep 9th, 2pm

Relativity Space's financial leadership joined us on stage to introduce Cal students to the Relativity way for manufacturing in the newspace industry. Whether their building rockets, engines, or much much more, Relativity is bringing innovative solutions to tackle bottlenecks in the industry. See gallery images and the Talk Series Video at the link below.


Paul Shestople, Alicia Carey, 'Deejay' Riley 
Manufacturing in Space

September 30th, 2pm PST

Join us on Zoom

Redwire Space (Made in Space) Project managers join us on a virtual career panel on what it takes to develop  Archinaut One. What is it like leading a project requiring the collective efforts of thousands of engineers from around the U.S.? Learn how to keep team communication and be the best communicator in the NewSpace Industry.

Muhammad Shahzad and Mark Seidel

Space Economy 101

We're yet to meet a company in space tech without an interesting story to tell or innovative work to share. When we started last year, both students and instructors were blown away by the range and depth of work already happening in the space industry. Hearing about the work companies are pursuing - like OrbitFab's in space refueling or Virtus Solis' space based solar power - genuinely inspired students to pursue careers in NewSpace.

We run lectures every other week in a range of formats, chosen by the guest speaker(s). We can be in-person, remote, or hybrid. With permission, we also record the lectures and post them on our social media so that people can access the talks asynchronously. Our lecture series is open to any company or individual who has knowledge, experience, or even just a good story to share. If a company can inspire, this is the platform to do so!

Oct 22nd, 5pm

"Why Do Rockets Fail?" That's a difficult question to ask, and that's why Scott Manley is the one to answer. 

Interested in giving a talk?

We want to hear about the work you do. Whether you're a company or an individual, we'd love to hear from you and give you a platform to share your work and journey with our students on campus. 

We host lectures every other week, and can work our schedule and format (online or in-person) to suit your needs. 


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2020 brought in the asynchronous age, and we're here for it

With the permission of our guest lecturers, we'll be recording and uploading our lectures to Youtube. 

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