Our Engineering Teams

Berkeley has three space-based engineering teams - with a wide range of club projects and cultures, there's truly a space for everyone in our community. 

Strong ties between our teams and industry help us develop team knowledge and grow the skills of our members. Meet the teams and learn how to get involved below!


Space Technologies and Rocketry (STAR)

STAR is Berkeley's competition rocketry team. Every year STAR builds and flies a rocket in the Spaceport America cup, as well as developing several advanced technologies to incorporate into future vehicles, such as liquid engines, stage separation and deployable drones.


All majors are welcome, and STAR knows that experience with rocketry before college is rare, so they have no application process and instead have a very strong focus on member education.    

Student interested in joining?
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Space Technologies at Cal (STAC)

STAC is a group of 60 passionate UC Berkeley students who are working on a range of technologies aimed at making strides in space research. Our projects range from small payloads flying on Blue Origin rockets, to High Altitude Balloons, and even an autonomous moon rover.


STAC focuses on member development through hands-on work on our projects. All majors are welcome and no experience is necessary to join.

Space Enterprise Berkeley (SEB)

SEB is a student run rocketry team dedicated to achieving spaceflight and developing rocket technologies at the University of California, Berkeley. Since its inception, SEB has built and launched several solid propellant rockets and tested a 700-lbf liquid propellant rocket engine.  


Aside from rocket projects, SEB takes pride in an inclusive, diverse, and friendly team culture open to any major or disciplines. The team’s pattern of mentoring newcomers and turning them into team veterans helps to keep the organization constantly growing, and  develop valuable friendships.

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Company interested in working with our teams?

Working alongside our budding engineers can be both rewarding and enjoyable for NewSpace companies, and is massively beneficial to the education of our students.

We tailor each partnership to your needs - you can choose which team(s) you want to work with and your time commitment. From a casual one-off Q&A, to attending design reviews or running training workshops, any help you're willing to give we'd love to receive!


Follow the link below to begin a dialogue about how you can work with our engineering teams. 

Think we're missing something?

Setup your own team!

The space industry is rich with different fields. If you want to start a new student team, whether it be technical or non-technical, come talk to us. We have two rocketry teams and a payload team, and this only scratches the surface of space tech.

We have the resources and expertise to give you a jump start into creating a successful organisation. Most college teams die in their first two years - our teams have been going for over half a decade. Reach our to help us help you make a successful new team, and get you off the ground with funding and technical advising.